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Magic Lessons

Yes, I'am teaching magic for those who are merely interested and willing to take the acception to learn my routines.

Here's the list of tricks that you will learn for each illusions / tricks that you have to purchase.

David Blaine's Self Levitation (RM 10.00)
Effect: Learn how to levitate of the ground like David Blaine.
Twisting Arm Illusion (RM 8.00)
Effect: Learn how to twist your arms a full 360 Degrees while others can only turn their hands so far.
Two Card Monte(RM 5.00)
Effect: The tow red Queens misteriously changes to the two black Aces as seen on David Blaine's Street Magic.
The Undead (RM 4.00)
Effect: Bring a dead Fly magicly to life.
Voodoo Ash (RM 9.00)
Effect: A persons name amazingly apears from the Magicians arms.