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Psychic Solution
Trick Courtesy of: Suresh (
Effect: You tell a person to pick the top card of the pile and to memorize it, then to put the card back into the pile. Taking the deck, you act like you are trying to get ''psychic'' messages from it. While they concentrate on their card, you name it.
1. Take an ordinary deck of cards, and ask the spectator to suuffle it.
2. Spread the cards like a fan, face up, telling the spectator that the deck is in no particular order. While doing this, look at and remember the top card.
3.  Have the spectator cut the deck into three piles. Be sure you keep an eye on the card that was on top of the deck. Arrange the piles so the first cut pile (the top of the deck) is in-between the other piles.
4. Ask the spectator to look at the card on top of the middle pile, and to memorize it. Then they are to put it inside one of the piles.
(You already know what this card is.)
5. Put the deck back together and shuffle the cards.
6. Have the spectator concentrate on the color of the card they picked, you tell them the color. Have them concentrate on the suit, you tell them the suit. Then the number, you tell them the number.

This trick is done; you should have them stunned at your psychic abilities.

No matter how much they ask you how it's done, never expose the Magicians True Indentity

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