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Gemini Twins                                                           






 First of all, the magician spreads the cards like a ribbon and takes out TWO prediction cards for and example The 5 OF SPADES and 2 OF HEARTHS.

Then, the magician instructs the spectator to dill the cards one by one on the table FACE DOWN and stop whenever he desires. After that, the magician takes the first prediction card and puts it on the dill pile face up. And the rest of the deck goes on top of that pile.


The spectator then takes the deck and start dilling cards face down whenever he desires. Then the magician will take the second prediction card and puts it on the dill pile and takes the entire deck and puts it on the second face up prediction card and squares the deck up.


The magician will then run thru the deck takes the first prediction out along with the left hand side card (FACE DOWN). That goes with the second prediction card as well with the left hand side card (FACE DOWN).


What Happens: -


After the magician removes the two prediction cards with the two located cards (FACE DOWN) on the table. The magician then opens the located FACE DOWN cards on the table FACE UP and finds that the located cards is their TWIN with the prediction cards.



Editors note: -


PREDICTION CARD (5 of spades) LOCATED CARD (5 of clubs)


PREDICTION CARD (2 of hearths) LOCATED CARD (2 of diamonds)



The Secret: -


Spread the cards like a RIBBON and keep note of the top and bottom cards that will be your prediction cards. At the beginning of the trick, you may let the spectator to shuffle the cards and returned it back to you.